Welcome to the CETFA blog!

Canadians for Ethical Treatment of Food Animals (CETFA) is Canada’s only investigation-based farm animal advocacy organization and is a registered non-profit society.  CETFA’s purpose is to promote the humane treatment of animals raised for food.  We exist to work towards the compassionate treatment of food animals.

Tina Harrison founded our group in 1990 when she met with four others to discuss the massive abuse of animals under intensive factory farming conditions.  These original directors visited barns and slaughterhouses and witnessed animal transport situations.  They were deeply disturbed by what they saw.

Educating the public became very important.  Few people seem aware of the cruelty inflicted on conscious animals, with their capacity to feel and fear, before they arrive as food on our dinner plates.

Today, as then, we strive to inform people about the appalling suffering which is hidden from view in the production of cheap food.

On this blog, you will find CETFA updates, reports from the field by CETFA inspectors, links to agriculture news articles and commentaries, interviews with animal protection advocates and scientists, discussion of animal agriculture myths and more.


About cetfa

Canadians for the Ethical Treatment of Food Animals (CETFA) is an investigative and educational organization established to examine intensive farming practices, with particular attention to abusive practices; hazards to human health; environmental impacts; and the role of power politics in maintaining the system while withholding public access to factual information. We seek to address these interconnected issues through investigation, education and advocacy of the compassionate treatment of farmed animals.
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4 Responses to Welcome to the CETFA blog!

  1. I’m so glad to see you blogging, this is great!
    Explain animal agriculture myths, if you could? Not the one about our own lack of awareness of where meat comes from. Are there others?

    • cetfa says:

      Thank you for your kind words. ‘Agriculture myths’ will cover notions about animal agriculture which are generally held as true by the public but do not actually depict the reality. The facts provided will help people be more knowledgeable about modern agriculture practices and become better advocates for farmed animals.

  2. Are you an Alberta-based organization? If so, are there ways I can become involved? I am in Edmonton.

    • cetfa says:

      Thank you for your email. We are a national organization, and have members and volunteers across Canada; people who recognize the cruelties farmed animals face and want to do something about it and help educate the public about the untold suffering that results from factory farming. We will email you about volunteering.

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