CETFA’s position on farm animal welfare in rodeo events

While much attention has been focused on the Calgary stampede with the recent death of several horses, there are a number of smaller, but equally as cruel, rodeo events involving farm animals that happen every year across Canada.

Most rodeo events are stressful to the animals involved, and are likely to cause pain, injury, or even death. The use of flank straps, spurs, electric prods and other devices cause additional pain and suffering to the animals.

On July 18, CETFA’ concerns about the Manitoba Stampede and Exhibition rodeo events, starting on July 19, were presented in a Winnipeg Free Press article by journalist Carol Sanders. Click on the following link to read the full story:

Morris rodeo in spotlight after Calgary horse deaths


About cetfa

Canadians for the Ethical Treatment of Food Animals (CETFA) is an investigative and educational organization established to examine intensive farming practices, with particular attention to abusive practices; hazards to human health; environmental impacts; and the role of power politics in maintaining the system while withholding public access to factual information. We seek to address these interconnected issues through investigation, education and advocacy of the compassionate treatment of farmed animals.
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