CETFA volunteer inspector spotlight: Sue Manns

Sue Manns is a CETFA volunteer inspector who has witnessed and documented animal abuse in countless factory farms and livestock auctions. Sue’s photos and footage have been extensively used for education as well as various campaigns, such as the campaign to urge Tim Hortons to phase out the use of cruel, confining gestation crates in its pork supply chain.  Today, we interview Sue on her involvement with CETFA, and her advocacy for farmed animals.

CETFA: Most of us grow up thinking of farmed animals as commodities. What changed your view of farmed animals and convinced you to begin advocating for them?

Sue: As a child, I inherently knew that eating meat was wrong.  As an adult, it was seeing some graphic photos of farmed animal abuse that made me realize the horror of their suffering.  It was at that time that I made a conscious decision to stop consuming all animal products and to begin advocating for them.

CETFA: You have seen many factory farms and visited many auctions. What has been the most difficult experience for you?

Sue: While I have seen some very disturbing sights in my visits, the most difficult one for me was having to stand by and watch one particular piglet trapped in a sorting machine. I don’t know how he got trapped in this device but he was totally immobilized and incapacitated. I tried to help him without success.  He was so wedged in between the metal bars that I could do nothing for him. As I was trying to release him, his eyes never left my face.  I returned later that day to try to release him again, but sadly, he had already died. The fact that I couldn’t help him haunts me to this day.


CETFA: Is there one animal in particular whom you have rescued, or whom you couldn’t help, you most remember?

Sue: Justice, another factory farmed piglet, who was rescued and brought to Teja’s. (Click here to read the story of Justice)

CETFA: In addition to your field work with CETFA, you also volunteer at Teja’s Animal Refuge. Can you tell us more about Teja’s?

Nicole with rescued pig.
Photo: Jo-Anne McArthur


Sue: Teja’s is a wonderful little sanctuary nestled in the countryside of Alexandria, Ontario.  It was founded and operated by Nicole Joncas who has been rescuing and coming to the aid of animals for the past thirty years.  This is a place where abandoned, neglected and abused farm animals have found a forever loving home.  I will try to describe my feelings when I visit this little bit of heaven on earth.  There is nothing quite like getting up early before anyone else and being the human to open the barn door and watch everyone spill out of the barns into the sunshine.  They all have their particular favourite spot and in their hurry to get to their favourite spot, they are all happily chattering amongst themselves.  I feel so privileged to witness this much joy.

CETFA: What can people do if they want to support Teja’s?

Sue: Teja’s is always in need of funding for vet bills, feed, repairs and maintenance to the barns and fencing. At this time, they could also use the services of a good web designer.  If anyone reading this would like to help out with any of the above, you may visit Teja’s FaceBook page or contact Nicole at tejasanimalrefuge (-replace-) sympatico.ca.  You can also find them at tejasanimalrefuge.ca.

Note from CETFA: Sue is organizing a fundraising event for Teja’s Animal Refuge on February 17. To learn more about the event, visit the Facebook page here.

CETFA: Do you have any advice for people who want to make a difference for farmed animals?

Sue: The first and most important bit of advice I would offer, would be to adopt a vegan lifestyle.  Educate yourself to the horrors of factory farming by watching documentaries, such as ‘Earthlings’ or ‘Farm to Fridge’ or any number of others.  Volunteer or visit a sanctuary to get to know these amazing animals.  Choose a form of activism that you are comfortable with, whether it is educational outreach or rescuing.  It is all important and makes a difference in the lives of animals.  I personally talk about veganism to someone every single day.

About cetfa

Canadians for the Ethical Treatment of Food Animals (CETFA) is an investigative and educational organization established to examine intensive farming practices, with particular attention to abusive practices; hazards to human health; environmental impacts; and the role of power politics in maintaining the system while withholding public access to factual information. We seek to address these interconnected issues through investigation, education and advocacy of the compassionate treatment of farmed animals.
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  3. We support the work you are doing to raise public awareness regarding the unforgiveable practices of factory farming. There is no justification for inflicting suffering on sentient, living beings.

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