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Lactating cows at auctions

In the field, our inspectors frequently see dairy cows who are heavily lactating and have not been milked before being brought to auction. These animals will often not be milked until much later if sold to another farm (in the … Continue reading

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Pierre’s Rescue – One in a Million

Late last month, during a battery caged hen rescue, the CETFA Rescue Team stumbled upon a happy surprise: a rooster.  In the egg industry, there is only a need for female birds. At the hatchery, if a chick is determined … Continue reading

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Rescue chicks – update

A note from Anne, coordinator for CETFA’s investigations and rescue team, Western region. Just wanted to give a quick update about the 4 chicks we rescued from a kindergarten hatching project. Their adoptive mother reports they are doing fantastic and … Continue reading

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