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Reports from CETFA field investigators.

CETFA volunteer inspector spotlight: Sue Manns

Sue Manns is a CETFA volunteer inspector who has witnessed and documented animal abuse in countless factory farms and livestock auctions. Sue’s photos and footage have been extensively used for education as well as various campaigns, such as the campaign … Continue reading

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The story of Justice

Justice was a domestic pig born in a massive sow operation to a mother trapped within a steel and concrete “gestation crate” (actual barn pictured below). After just 2-3 weeks with his mother, Justice was moved to a grow-out facility … Continue reading

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The Hidden Face of Pork

A new CETFA investigation reveals the truth about Ontario’s pig industry.  In 2011 and 2012, CETFA investigators returned to the same Ontario pig barn for 7 months and documented a shocking pattern of cruelty and neglect. Footage taken at the … Continue reading

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Claire, a downer cow destined for slaughter

The following post was written by Anne, coordinator for CETFA’s investigations and rescue team, Western region. Claire was spotted hidden away in the back of a livestock auction, forced to lie in excrement and mud. Although she was in great … Continue reading

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