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Chicken Killed at Calgary Art School: Take Action!

Last Thursday, on April 18, a student at the Alberta College of Art and Design brought a live chicken into the school’s cafeteria. In front of spectators, the student slowly cut the throat of the writhing and screaming bird. The student proceeded … Continue reading

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Lactating cows at auctions

In the field, our inspectors frequently see dairy cows who are heavily lactating and have not been milked before being brought to auction. These animals will often not be milked until much later if sold to another farm (in the … Continue reading

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These Little Pigs

Art has an obvious esthetic purpose, but it can also be used to convey powerful messages about social justice issues, including animal welfare and rights. Today, we talk with William Buchanan, professional artist and graduate of the Nova Scotia College … Continue reading

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Offering sanctuary – Siobhan Poole

When first learning about routine abuse of farmed animals in modern agriculture, many of us are shocked at first, then wonder what we can do to bring about change. From adopting a compassionate lifestyle to educating others, we can all … Continue reading

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