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The story of Justice

Justice was a domestic pig born in a massive sow operation to a mother trapped within a steel and concrete “gestation crate” (actual barn pictured below). After just 2-3 weeks with his mother, Justice was moved to a grow-out facility … Continue reading

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These Little Pigs

Art has an obvious esthetic purpose, but it can also be used to convey powerful messages about social justice issues, including animal welfare and rights. Today, we talk with William Buchanan, professional artist and graduate of the Nova Scotia College … Continue reading

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Where does violence start?

The suspect in the recent brutal murder of a young man from whom one foot was sent to the Tory HQ in Ottawa is alleged to have previously tortured kittens before committing his latest crime. The relation between abuse inflicted … Continue reading

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Welcome to the CETFA blog!

Canadians for Ethical Treatment of Food Animals (CETFA) is Canada’s only investigation-based farm animal advocacy organization and is a registered non-profit society.  CETFA’s purpose is to promote the humane treatment of animals raised for food.  We exist to work towards … Continue reading

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