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CETFA volunteer inspector spotlight: Sue Manns

Sue Manns is a CETFA volunteer inspector who has witnessed and documented animal abuse in countless factory farms and livestock auctions. Sue’s photos and footage have been extensively used for education as well as various campaigns, such as the campaign … Continue reading

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Zoobiquity: a review

Books & Videos: The Books & Videos category of the CETFA blog aims at presenting and discussing books and videos that can contribute to a good understanding of  farm animals, animal agriculture and related welfare issues, or more generally of … Continue reading

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Canada Day rescue: A lesson easy to swallow…with just the will to make it happen

by Dr. Olivier Berreville / CETFA It was a sweltering late afternoon on Canada day when my friends and I, about to go out for dinner, noticed a baby swallow on the ground in our garage.  He had fallen from … Continue reading

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Where does violence start?

The suspect in the recent brutal murder of a young man from whom one foot was sent to the Tory HQ in Ottawa is alleged to have previously tortured kittens before committing his latest crime. The relation between abuse inflicted … Continue reading

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Welcome to the CETFA blog!

Canadians for Ethical Treatment of Food Animals (CETFA) is Canada’s only investigation-based farm animal advocacy organization and is a registered non-profit society.  CETFA’s purpose is to promote the humane treatment of animals raised for food.  We exist to work towards … Continue reading

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